Art for the Young and the Young at Heart

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Artist Statement
My work is about joy. About remembering the positives in life. About possibilities. I want the viewer to feel inspired, hopeful and to view the world in a more light-hearted manner.
I know the value of positive thinking on the quality of our lives. I also know that we sometimes need reminders to think this way. It is my hope that my work will help provide that reminder. To act as a kind of dream board. A gentle nudge to live in the moment, realign our thoughts to the positive, and make the world a little happier place. When your day is brighter, you pass on that joy to others. I like to think of it as a sort of "pay it forward art".

The Process
I choose to work in mixed media collage. I love the flexibility of mixed media and find art to be more visually appealing and interesting the more visual texture it has from different media.
Each piece begins with several layers of acrylic paint, and I will sometimes etch into the surface of the paint with scissors, the back of a paintbrush, or use rubber stamps to add texture and visual interest.
Once the paint has dried, I add paper collage images that I have created. I like the flexibility of creating my main images separate from the painting and then placing those images onto the painting.
The work is then finished with pen and ink and pencil details.

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Sarah Ogren

McHenry, IL, USA

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